Maca Powers Up Superoxide Dismutase

Ever heard of superoxide dismutase?


Well, “SOD,” as it’s abbreviated, is the body’s primary internal antioxidant. In short, SOD’s an enzyme responsible for repairing cells and reducing damage done to those cells via the free radical superoxide. SOD is an internal antioxidant produced by the body, found in the dermis and the epidermis.

Why does SOD matter?

Because it…

  • Optimizes oxygen in cells, producing beneficial energy
  • Disarms the powerful and dangerous free radical, superoxide, effectively fending off oxidative stress
  • Acts as both an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory
  • Protects the skin from wrinkles and precancerous cell changes
  • Helps the body use zinc, manganese, and copper more efficiently

Ever heard of maca?

Probably, huh?

Well, if not, Lepidium meyenii—otherwise known as “maca”—is an herb grown high in the Andes mountains, typically in Peru. In truth, maca’s actually considered to be part of the cruciferous vegetable family. Its root, in powdered form, has long been (wrongfully) touted to be both a libido and testosterone booster in men.

Nonetheless, as with pretty much any other herb grown at high elevations (like shilajit, for instance), maca offers some potent health benefits.

Maca Powers Up Superoxide Dismutase

One of those benefits happens to be the boosting of SOD. Or, so finds a recent study published in the peer-reviewed International Journal of Biological Macromolecules.

The study, carried out by researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing, in conjunction with the Institute of Cancer Research, set out to investigate maca’s impact on alcoholic liver oxidative injury. In the process, they discovered that maca “dramatically increased the superoxide dismutase, glutathione peroxidase, and glutathione s-transferase levels in alcoholic mice.”

In Conclusion

What do these findings mean?

How about this: Even if you’re not one to regularly stumble home through some barrio alley in the wee hours of the morn’, half-soiled and snapping beer farts as you giggle at yourself…

Maca can improve your health. 🙂

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